‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Just Cast The Perfect Actors To Play Gina’s Mom and Boyle’s Dad

When a series becomes both critically acclaimed and popular as fast as Brooklyn Nine-Nine has, it pretty much goes without saying that they can get just about any quest stars they want. Because TV Line is now reporting that Stephen Root has been nabbed to play Boyle’s dad, and Sandra Bernhard as Gina’s mom, and — try as I might  — I do not think I can dream up more perfect casting for either of those roles. Kind of like how on Parks and Rec Mike Schur wanted “someone like Mike Ehrmentraut” for Ben’s dad so they literally just called Jonathan Banks.

TVLine has learned exclusively that in the Fox sophomore’s Nov. 9 episode, Bernhard (Switched at Birth, Roseanne) will debut as Gina’s “eccentric” and “offbeat” mother, Darlene Linetti. In the same episode, the ever-ubiquitous Stephen Root (Fargo, Justified) will guest-star as Boyle’s “very New York Italian” father, Lynn.

There’s a “strong possibility” that both characters will make additional appearances during Season 2.

Stephen Root is a criminally underused comedic actor, who (not counting his voice work on King of the Hill) hasn’t appeared as a series regular on a sitcom since NewsRadio went off the air in 1999 — so my fingers are definitely crossed for additional appearances. Oh and Sandra Bernhard? She could use some stuff to do also. All I know is that [POSSIBLE SPOILER] this better not mean that Boyle and Gina end up together, because I’m not sure how I would feel about that.

Either way, this should end better than Stephen Root’s guest-starring role in Fargo: