Carey Mulligan’s ‘SNL’ Monologue Got Hijacked By Her Famous Musician Husband

Carey Mulligan’s stint hosting Saturday Night Live saw her try on a slew of accents and roles, but her monologue got a bit musical thanks to her also famous husband. The Promising Young Woman star took a turn hosting the NBC sketch comedy show during its latest episode, which saw her use the monologue to recap her time in quarantine before Marcus Mumford crashed the party.

“I spent the last year quarantining in the English countryside with my husband and my two small children,” Mulligan said. “Which is the beginning of most horror movies.”

Mulligan didn’t exactly complain, though she said without all those very serious roles to take on for work it did have an impact on her home life. She said, for example, that her bedtime stories for her children got much longer and darker.

“Lots of recently-divorced dragons and unicorns with secret pill habits,” she joked. “My kids would be like, ‘Mom, please it’s two in the morning. let us get some sleep.'”

She didn’t bring her kids to Studio 8H, claiming she left them at home with her husband, Marcus Mumford of Mumford and Sons. But it turns out he was actually in the studio after all, claiming he left the kids with “the sons” and wanted to make sure the show had a musical guest. His band, of course, has performed twice as the show’s musical guest in the past. Though Mulligan insisted that, yes, Kid Cudi would be here to put on a show, we still heard an acoustic guitar interrupt her with what sounded like the opening bars of the group’s most famous song, ‘Little Lion Man.’

“You’re being that guy who takes his acoustic guitar out at a party,” Mulligan said, scolding her husband but eventually letting him play a few chords while she finished the monologue.