The Will Of Carole Baskin’s Missing Husband Has Reportedly Been Confirmed To Be A Forgery

A ton of attention has been granted the doc-series Tiger King since it premiered in March, and a chunk of that has been about one issue: What happened to Don Lewis, Carole Baskin’s missing husband? The show’s main star, Joe Exotic, has frequently claimed, with not much proof, Baskin, his heated rival, had him murdered. But as per Entertainment Weekly, that part of the story just took a hairpin turn.

On Tuesday, 10 Tampa Bay spoke with Hillsborough County sheriff Chad Chronister, who said that what was purported to be Lewis’ will is, allegedly, a fake. They called in some experts to say that the will was a forgery and I had already told them that two months ago,” Chronister told them. “They had two experts deem it 100% a forgery.”

Lewis vanished in 1997 and was legally pronounced dead in 2002. By the time of his disappearance, he’d become a multi-millionaire, and his will reportedly left it all to Baskin, allowing her to cut off his family. Chronister pointed out that the statute of limitations had expired, so any criminal charges could not be filed if wrongdoing had been provably discovered.

An entire episode of Tiger King was devoted to speculations and theories about what may have happened, while Baskin has maintained her innocence. Even with the declaration of death, Lewis’ disappearance remains an open case.

(Via EW)