Cecily Strong’s Outrageous Judge Jeanine Impression Broke Colin Jost On ‘SNL Weekend Update’

Over the years, Cecily Strong’s impressions have been a mainstay of Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update. Whether she emulates a random figure thrust into the spotlight in the news cycle, a politician, or a wine-drunk Fox News host, Strong is always a highlight of the show’s offerings. Which is why the final episode of Season 46 featured a Weekend Update segment where Strong essentially tries to shatter Colin Jost and get him soaking wet.

Following a sequence where Jost and Michael Che each tried to ruin each other’s lives by writing offensive jokes for the other, Strong came to the stage with a gigantic glass of “wine” and slurred her words as Judge Jeanine Pirro, the Fox News host who has gained a reputation for unhinged, potentially drunken broadcasts that Donald Trump loves.

The sketch is supposed to be about the US/Mexico border, or something like that. But the whole thing was basically a ruse to have Strong slosh the contents of her glass all over herself, Jost and the Weekend Update desk. Jost really struggles to keep it together from the start, and at one point Strong runs out of wine in her glass and asks for a second, which is a huge tub of boxed wine she then gets into as she breaks into song.

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The final show of Season 46 certainly had an air of saying goodbye in many ways, as it’s possible several cast members won’t return for Season 47. Pete Davidson, for example, joined Weekend Update to talk about mental health, and at one point he says “it’s been an honor to grow up in front of you guys.”

As for Strong, well, if this is her final appearance on Saturday Night Live she certainly did end it her way as well.