Charlie Day Says Wade Boggs’ Incredible Drinking Ability Has Been Grossly Underreported

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia finally makes its triumphant return tomorrow night, and since we’ve already over-analyzed the season ten episode titles and teaser clips, we know that the first episode, “The Gang Beats Boggs,” involves the gang attempting to beat Wade Boggs’ record of drinking an impressive 60+ beers on a cross-country flight.

Promoting the season premiere, Charlie Day stopped by The Tonight Show last night and revealed to Jimmy Fallon that they were able to get Boggs to do a cameo in the episode. Apparently the rumors of the amount of beer Boggs could drink during a cross-country flight (including pre-flight and layover) were not 100% accurate. According to Boggs, the actual number of beers was a whopping 107. On a related note, Charlie Day also suspected that Wade Boggs was not drinking the prop beer with the rest of the cast during filming.

It sounds like real life Wade Boggs makes the cast of It’s Always Sunny look like highly-functioning members of society.