The New Era Of ‘Charmed’ Is Being Billed As Its Own Separate TV Entity

The CW’s revival of Charmed brings to mind warm nostalgic feelings, but the network is cautioning against swooning over a classic reboot. THIS IS A DIFFERENT MAGIC SHOW, DAMMIT! *cranks up thrilling new “How Soon Is Now?” cover*

CW president Mark Pedowitz has been busy renewing the bulk of his primetime lineup, but had time to chat for a bit about the current vision for Charmed. According to Pedowitz, their take on Charmed won’t require becoming versed in the show’s mythos.

“At this point, it is a self-contained, self-sustained show,” he told journos at the Television Critics Association’s press tour. “There is the power of three element in there, but at this time, it is a very standalone show.”

The current spin on the series has the action taking place in the ’70s with the focus on three witches in a New England town that are not related by blood. Despite the emphasis on how Charmed is its own entity, Pedowitz notes “we’ll see what happens as the series goes on” when it comes to the potential for old faves to drop by.

Revivals, reboots, reimaginings and other approaches to pre-established properties aren’t going away, but it’s fascinating to see how different shows take on the challenge. Fuller House elected to embrace its corny nostalgia points and viewers were thrilled. Fargo used its name recognition to craft its own critically acclaimed TV territory. (With Jane The Virgin mastermind Jennie Snyder Urman shepherding this thing, we imagine it’ll be closer to the latter option.) There’s no hard and fast guidelines for what a revival or an adaptation can be in 2017. Only a diminishing number of properties to revisit. As long as a property is in talented hands, we’re pretty flexible on new takes.

(Via TVLine)