The ‘And Just Like That…’ Creator Blames The Backlash To Che Diaz, TV’s ‘Most Hated Character,’ On People Looking For A Villain

The internet has finally found something to agree on: hatred for Che Diaz.

The And Just Like That… podcast host, who has one of the “worst sex scenes in the history of television” with Miranda, has been called “TV’s most hated character,” “the worst character on TV,” and a “real nightmare”. But Michael Patrick King, who created Sex and the City and the HBO Max spin-off, has a different take on Che.

“I said in the writing room, ‘Uh, get ready. Because what’s coming is outrage about Miranda calling out her marriage.’ Whoever is in the activating of that will be an issue. But the real issue is — and I say this with love — 90 percent of long-term relationships are watching television, sharing dessert, and talking about kids,” he told Variety.

King blames the Che Diaz backlash on people looking for a “villain.”

“Che is, in my estimation, honest, dangerous, sexy, funny, and warm. What everybody else is projecting on that character has a lot to do with what they want to have happen to Miranda in the story. It has so little to do with Che.”

And Just Like That… viewers might disagree:

For better or worse, there’s only one more chance to hate Che Diaz: the And Just Like That… season (series?) finale premieres on February 3.

(Via Variety)