The First Full ‘And Just Like That…’ Trailer Shows The Gang Trying To Keep Up With Changing Times

The Samantha-less Sex and the City reunion, And Just Like That…, is set to premiere on HBO Max in a little over a week, and while there’s going to be plenty of familiar faces, it’s clear this isn’t a straight nostalgia trip. The New York City that Carrie and gang treated like a playground is not quite what it was the last time we saw them a decade ago. The carefree world they once inhabited is no longer so carefree. Whole episodes — like the one where Carrie freaks out because her latest boy toy is bi — would no longer fly. But a new trailer suggests it’s going to try to fit in with changing times.

The trailer, which arrives shortly after a not-much-shorter teaser, finds Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie, Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda, and Kristin Davis’ Charlotte still wealthy New Yorkers, but with some differences. Carrie is a podcaster now, it seems? There’s also more diversity than the very white original show ever showed. There are dating apps, there to frustrate the young and not-so-young alike. Also, one of them tried to run for governor of the state and lost to a guy who had to resign anyway, at least in real life.

There’s also jokes about Barney’s (RIP), plus longtime beaus Mr. Big (Chris Noth), Henry (Evan Handler), and Steve (David Eigenberg), all a little older, and at least one ambiguously maybe or may not still married to one of our main threesome. The revival only runs 10 episodes, the first two available on Dec. 9, and surely that’s enough time to see if a show that used to be a valentine to a very rich version of New York City — and inspired shows like Girls, which showed it up as the fantasy it is — can change with the increasingly changing times. Maybe we’ll wind up getting a Samantha Jones solo spin-off, too.

And Just Like That…premieres on HBO Max on Dec. 9. You can watch the trailer above.