Check Out This Amazing Art That Has ‘Rick And Morty’ Starring In The Anime Classic ‘Akira’

We have to wait until summer 2015 for more Rick And Morty on television, but the first season is currently out on DVD and fans are keeping their anticipation at bay in any way they can find.

Take Julieta Colás for example, a fantastic artist, Community fan, and Joel McHale admirer who just happens to love Rick And Morty just as much. She put together a nice artistic homage to the show and mashed it together with Akira, the Japanese cyberpunk classic from Katsuhiro Otomo.

It’s amazing work and I would highly recommend checking out all that she has to offer on her Tumblr and DeviantArt pages. She has some nice work, including the student film Missed Call and her extensive work revolving around Community. Why do all the shows we love have to wait until 2015 to come back and we have to suffer with things like Utopia? Seems cruel.

(Via Julieta Colás / DeviantArt / Tumblr)