Chelsea Handler Shared A Topless Goodbye Message To Ellen DeGeneres, Because She’s Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler made her whole brand in 2007-2013 just being a chill girl who is also pretty chaotic and doesn’t care about what people think. It worked then, it doesn’t work quite as well now, but hey, she can do what she wants!

The comedian, along with David Spade and Kevin Hart, filmed a farewell video for Ellen Degeneres as she finishes up her final season of the most toxic talk show work environment in Hollywood. Hart and Spade made some run-of-the-mill retirement jokes: Hart gifted DeGeneres with a lifetime supply of soup and a blanket, while Spade lightly roasted the comedian for constantly pranking her guests.

Handler, on the other hand, took a different approach and said a quick goodbye while topless. “I would show you my breasts but we’ve already seen them so I’ll just sit like this and tell you that I am so proud of you,” Handler said while taking off her top. “You are a rock star. You made this work for 19 years and that’s a long f*cking time so go have fun, and you know what that means.” What does it mean? Is she going to make music with Machine Gun Kelly?

The final episodes of The Ellen DeGeneres Show air next week after nearly two decades on television. Just think: we all have Dakota Johnson to thank for this.