There’s An In-Universe Explanation For Why Chidi Is So Ripped On ‘The Good Place’

05.23.19 3 months ago


The biggest shock on The Good Place isn’t what happened in the season one finale (or the season two finale, or the season three finale — this show is good at finales). It’s that Chidi is freaking ripped. As we wrote at the time, “He is super jacked. He’s so jacked that it’s becoming a whole thing… Go on Twitter right now and do a search for ‘Chidi jacked.’ It’s chaos in there.” But why does Chidi Anagonye, the least decisive and most anxious man in the world, look like the Indiana Jones of ethics professors? There’s a reason for that.

“Our internal logic is that his constant anxiety burns a lot of calories, and also that at some point someone was like, ‘You know, exercise is a good way to alleviate stress,’ and he started doing push-ups and never stopped,” The Good Place creator Michael Schur told Rolling Stone‘s Alan Sepinwall in a wide-ranging interview. Hey, gotta burn off those chili babies somehow.

Schur also teased that the Blake Bortles jokes will return in season four, even though the quarterback was cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars (he washed up in Los Angeles… where The Good Place is filmed). “You really think, after 300 Blake Bortles references, we’d let the Bortles Era end without addressing it?” he said, probably while throwing a Molotov cocktail at, like, a Cracker Barrel.

(Via Rolling Stone)

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