Chris Pratt Explains Why He Had Experience Fighting In His Underwear For A ‘The Terminal List’ Scene

In Chris Pratt‘s new Amazon series, The Terminal List, his character Jack Reece (not to be confused with Jack Ryan or Jack Reacher, who also made the leap from best-selling novels to streaming shows) is attacked while getting an MRI, resulting in a brutal fight scene where Pratt has to ward off his attacker while wearing nothing but his underwear.

While attending The Terminal List premiere, Pratt opened up about filming the action scene in his skivvies, which fortunately, he had a lot of experience with due to some good ol’ sibling rivalry. “I used to fight my brother a lot in my underwear,” Pratt said. “Oftentimes, we’d run around in our underwear fighting each other.”

After joking about his childhood underwear brawls, Pratt got (briefly) serious while talking about the choreography for the scene. Via Variety:

“… I just remember saying, ‘This is a man fighting for his life. I want it to be dirty. So I’m gonna punch him in the balls. I’m gonna rip out their eyes. I’m gonna do everything you wouldn’t do in a sanctioned boxing match, right? It’s not a clean fight. It’s raw, visceral and vulnerable.”

Then he added with a smile, “And you get to see me in my underwear, which is kinda cool.”

While Pratt was fully prepared for the underwear fight, showrunner David DiGilio admitted that the scene was almost a little too revealing. “We did have to use some visual effects to cover up a few more pieces at various points in the fight scene,” he said with a laugh.

All eight episodes of The Terminal List are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

(Via Variety)