Chrissy Metz Hits Back On Social Media After A Golden Globes Red Carpet Hot Mic Issue

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Once in awhile, people get together to argue about a piece of ephemera they perceived differently. There was the dress in 2015 (It’s blue and black, and I’ll box anyone who says otherwise). There was Laurel or Yanny in 2018 (which was “Laurel” even though the bass levels in my — and many people’s — headphones made it sound like “Yanny”). And just last month Sesame Street viewers were claiming they heard Grover declare something “a f*cking excellent idea!” (He actually said, “Yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent idea.”) Now we get to argue about an audio clip from the red carpet at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards (full winners list here).

And it wouldn’t truly be an awards show if there weren’t a rumor about two women feuding, even if the rumor has to be manufactured out of whole cloth. And this year, the nontroversy pitting two women against each other is a claim that Chrissy Metz of This Is Us called Alison Brie of Community and GLOW a “bitch” while purportedly “not knowing her mic is still on.” Here’s the video of her supposedly saying it:

The rumor is silly for several reasons. One, every actor on the red carpet fully well knows they’re on mic at all times; you aren’t going to catch them telling real secrets. Two, and more importantly, it seems clear (to me and several people on Twitter who replied to the aforementioned video) that Metz said, “She’s such a babe.” Also, people don’t usually go out of their way to chat with people they hate, yet Metz went over to meet the “babe” anyway (pictured above).

As a small number of news outlets were picking up the story and claiming Metz called Brie a swearword, Metz defended herself on Twitter:

The outlet she referenced in her tweet retracted their article. We’re hoping other outlets who misquoted her will follow suit, since it’s clear Metz called Alison Brie a babe, and really, shouldn’t we all be talking about what a babe Alison Brie is? Now that’s the important news people are clamoring for.