The Days Might Be Numbered For Another Major ‘The Walking Dead’ Star


As major stars go, The Walking Dead has been losing a lot of them, of late. The eighth season saw the death of Carl Grimes, while the ninth season saw the exit of Rick Grimes, as well as Maggie Rhee — at least, for the time being — and the deaths of Jesus. Tara, Henry, and Enid — among several other more minor characters — were also killed off in the ninth season. Meanwhile, next season, Michonne will be leaving the series, as Danai Gurira pursues her movie career, although Lauren Cohan’s Maggie may be returning.

Now, it appears that The Walking Dead may lose yet another major character: Rosita. The actress who plays her, Christian Serratos, is currently negotiating with Netflix to play the lead in a scripted series about the late Mexican American singer, Selena. From Vulture:

Executive produced by Moisés Zamora (Star and American Crime), Selena: The Series will tell the coming-of-age story of one of music’s biggest Latino crossover artists. In 1995, Selena Quintanilla was shot and killed at age 23 by her business associate Yolanda Saldívar, who is serving a life sentence. Her posthumous crossover album, Dreaming of You, released the year she died, debuted atop the Billboard 200, a first for a Latin artist. The Netflix series will follow the choices the young music and fashion icon and her family made to build her career.

The sticking point in Serratos’ negotiations, at the moment, seems to be scheduling issues with The Walking Dead. The AMC series shoots until November, while Selena would begin shooting next month meaning, should Serratos land the role, she might exit The Walking Dead before the end of the tenth season. Of course, it’s also possible she would temporarily leave the AMC series — Selena is only scheduled to be a two-season show — but I’m not sure that Serratos is a big enough player on The Walking Dead to earn re-entry privileges.

Serratos’ character, Rosita, will give birth to Coco, a newborn this year on The Walking Dead. Alas, other characters who have had babies on the series have not fared particularly well, either: Laurie died in childbirth and Maggie is no longer on the series, Should Rosita be killed off, however, the baby will still have several parents to take care of her: There’s Rosita’s boyfriend, Gabriel; the man in love with Rosita, Eugene; and the father of the baby, Siddiq.

The Walking Dead returns on October 11th, although we should not expect Rosita to depart from the series at least until the back eight.

(Via Vulture)