Chucky Is Getting His Own SyFy Show By The Creator Of ‘Channel Zero’

Last summer’s Child’s Play reboot didn’t exactly set the box office on fire, grossing just under $30 million in North America. But don’t think Chucky the murderous, freckle-faced doll is going into IP hibernation. As per Deadline, he’s been resurrected in another medium, heading for a TV show on SyFy.

The show, called simply Chucky, will drop its red-haired menace into suburbia, following him after he’s picked up at a yard sale. It will also bring back characters from previous Chucky iterations, though it’s not clear who that may entail. (Perhaps Jennifer Tilly’s Bride of Chucky?)

Child’s Play began modestly, as a simple horror number starring Catherine Hicks and two Oscar-nominees: Chris Sarandon, as the straight-faced cop trying to stop our quite original killer, and Brad Douriff, who voiced the doll for about three decades. The franchise chugged out jokey-nasty numbers for years, though beginning with 1998’s Bride of Chucky it turned more campy than scary.

Chucky will be a collaboration between Nick Antosca, creator of the long-running SyFy staple Channel Zero, and Chucky franchise creators Don Mancini and David Kirschner. There’s no word yet on who will voice the titular doll: Douriff or his reboot successor, Mark Hamill.

(Via Deadline)