Turns Out Two ‘Cobra Kai’ Actors Have Been Dating For Quite Some Time

(Spoilers for The Karate Kid spinoff Cobra Kai will be found below.)

The cast Cobra Kai, while they’re crane-kicking the generation gap, seems like they’re a pretty tight knit bunch. Interviews generally turn into a love fest, in which they’re chatting each other up, and they all seem like grand friends. However, there’s a pair of the younger co-stars who are definitely more than friends, as confirmed by Jacob Bertrand, who portrays Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz on the Karate Kid reboot show.

While speaking with TMZ, Bertrand confirmed the rumor that he and Peyton List, who plays bad-girl-moving-toward-redemption Tory Nichols, have been dating for awhile. That’s a notable detail, considering that both Hawk and Tory took home individual All Valley Tournament trophies at the end of Season 4, but here’s what Jacob told TMZ:

“We’ve been dating for a while…. I’ve never dated anyone I’ve worked with before.. kind-of like trial by fire, almost…. We’ve been friends for a while. I met her when I was like, 15. I was actually tight friends with her brother Spencer… that was kinda awkward to be like, ‘Hey man, I like your sister.’ But yeah, we had fun on set and then hung out off-set.”

All of this, of course, must have created some specific awkward moments when Tory had a hand in Hawk losing his trademark mohawk hairstyle. But you never know, Tory could heave the Cobra Kai dojo after what she discovered in the Season 3 finale’s moments, so they could end up in the same dojo. As for when the already-wrapped Season 5 will premiere, we’ve got some guesses, but in the meantime, Cobra Kai‘s first four seasons are currently streaming on Netflix.

(Via TMZ)