Stephen Colbert Roasts Ridiculous Real-Life Inventions For The ‘Late Show’

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Stephen Colbert has had his fill of useless inventions. Well, unless he has an idea for one. In that case, he’s all in.

On the Late Show, Colbert shared his bewilderment when it came to two successful crowdfunding campaign-backed “inventions” that are now on the market. Taking aim at the office-minded items, Colbert merrily picked apart the silliness of “The World’s First Voice Mask For Smartphones™” known as the HushMe and a “private pop-up relaxation space” dubbed the PausePod. The latter resembles a tent with legs attached and Colbert couldn’t resist poking fun at the absurdity of the project.

“Tech dudes, stop inventing things that are already things,” pleads Colbert. “There are so many non-things that still need to be invented. How about some pants that automatically transfer my wallet to the next pants I’m already wearing? I would offer you the money to develop that but I left my wallet in my other pants.”

The upside is that both of these new products have inspired Colbert to create his own exciting entry into the world of office-minded commerce. Behold! The cü!

We’ll allow its esteemed inventor to explain how it works. Here’s hoping one pops up in a CBS gift shop by December.

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