Comedy Central Is Running An Eight-Day ‘South Park’ Marathon Before The New Season Starts

Comedy Central

South Park is back and begging for a cancellation in Season 22, but Comedy Central is going to make sure the world gets to see some classic episodes before it gets taken off the air.

Comedy Central dropped a trailer for the latest season of the long-running animated comedy on the cable network on Wednesday, and Thursday brought more details about the lead-up to its September 26 release date. That release date came before the show’s appearance at SDCC, but as it turns out the comedy network has big plans for the middle days of September: an 8-day South Park marathon.

All 273 episodes of the show’s 21-season run will air in order from September 19 to September 26 right up until the first episode of Season 22 premieres. Comedy Central announced it will start with the pilot episode at 9 a.m. on September 19 and run every episode in order.

As the Orlando Sentinel notes, it’s not a true marathon, per se, as the network’s biggest shows will still air new episodes in their usual time slots. But everything else will be all South Park, all the time. There are also some other fun South Park tidbits on social media as well.

Comedy Central will salute the show with a special emoji featured on Twitter whenever someone tweets the hashtags #SouthPark, #SouthPark22, #Memberberries and #Cartman. The emoji goes live Sept. 26 and will continue through the season.

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah and The Office will air from 11 p.m. to midnight, during the marathon. New episodes of Tosh.0 and The Jim Jefferies Show will also air in their regular time periods on Tuesday, September 25, the night before South Park‘s newest episode airs. Once that’s over, Comedy Central will get back to airing funny movies and many of its other shows, but everything takes a backseat next week as its biggest hit gets center stage.

(via Orlando Sentinel)

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