Alison Brie Is Still Hopeful For A ‘Community’ Movie, Possibly On Netflix



It was (is) a rallying cry among fans of Community, the much-beloved sitcom that ran for five seasons on NBC and one season on Yahoo! Screen, which was (is?) a thing. There’s the six seasons — but what about the movie? Creator Dan Harmon said “it’ll happen,” but that was back in 2016, and there’s been very little talk of it since. Where would anyone even find the time? Harmon was been busy with Rick and Morty (which has a nine-season plan, but only for Szechuan McNugget dipping sauce), while Joel McHale joined the DC Universe, Yvette Nicole Brown is an in-demand host, Donald Glover is the king of entertainment, and so on. But Alison Brie hasn’t given up hope for the #AndAMovie.

“Yeah, I think I would,” Brie told Pop Culture when asked whether she would want to reprise her role as Little Annie Adderal. “I mean, look, it’s like, are we going to do the movie? I feel like if the Community movie ever gets made, it should just be made for Netflix, and it would be fun to do, but I think it would be best if we could get everyone to do it, so I feel like that might be difficult.”

The GLOW star (there’s the Netflix connection) said that she still talks to her fellow Human Beings “all the time. I was just texting Joel McHale yesterday — we have our group — our group text is going constantly. I love those guys. We’re a family. I would love. I’m always down for the idea of that.” Who do you think is in that group text? Most of the main cast members, I would imagine, maybe the later season additions like Jonathan Banks, Paget Brewster, and Keith David, too. In other words, everyone but Chevy Chase and the Dean.

Poor Dean Pelton.

(Via Pop Culture)