Joel McHale Has Some Good News (And Some… Less… Good News) About The Timetable Of The ‘Community’ Movie

Fans have been wishing, hoping, waiting, and sometimes crying over the concept of a Community movie, and now that things are finally happening…..they have suddenly stopped happening. At least for a little while. But we haven’t lost hope!

Joel McHale gave an update on the highly-anticipated movie, saying that showrunner Dan Harmon was “extremely close” to finishing up the script before the movie was supposed to go into production this month. Of course, with the ongoing WGA strike, the movie will be put on pause for now.

“We had a shooting date coming up, which was going to be in the summer,” McHale told Variety. “And I think they were extremely close to — I mean, Dan is somebody that tweaks things but, obviously, that’s all stopped. But I think it was pretty darn close. It was close, the shoot date was coming up and we were all excited to do it and then the writers strike happened, which obviously put everything on hold, and rightfully so,” he added.

Even though production is on hold, McHale supports the WGA strike, which began at the beginning of May. “The writers are asking for very reasonable things. Writers need to be paid properly,” he added.

The film might be closer than ever, and it also seems like they have locked down a director, though McHale is keeping it under wraps. “I know who wants to do it and we’re talking to and is interested and engaged,” he said. There is one particular director who has recently cleared up his schedule! Who knows!

The Community movie is expected to land on Peacock sometime in the next year…or two…but it is definitely happening, okay? We have already been through so much.

(Via Variety)