'Community' Recap: 10 GIFs From 'Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons' That Are Streets Ahead

Sequels are notoriously tricky. Merely mentioning the words “part two” around Abed will result in a two-hour conversation about everything Temple of Doom did wrong that Raiders of the Lost Ark got right. Now, I wouldn’t call “Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” bad, not in the slightest; no episode of television that has David Cross playing Jonathan Banks’ son and Abed pretending to be two hobgoblins at once and Alison Brie swinging her imaginary penis can ever be considered “bad.” But it was a step down from Community‘s original D&D episode, back in season two, and not a particularly funny episode. I respected “Advanced Advanced” more than I actively loved it. It was more emotionally effective than “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons,” simply because we know more about Buzz Hickey in 10 episodes this season than we did Fa…bulous Neil over the first 39, but the ending felt rushed, which makes Harmon’s comments that this episode was the “hardest…to write a script for” this season all the more pointed.

“Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” wasn’t Caddyshack II, but it wasn’t Empire Strikes Back, either.

1. New haircut, new Fa…bulous Neil.

2. Like father, like son.

3. It’s no Joseph Gordon-Diehard.

4. A little place that rhymes Hubba Dump Chimp Rumpany.

5. You tell ’em, Hobwinger.

6. Eight-legged demons are terrified of Macy’s catalogs.

7. At the Dean’s window sad and lonely.

8. So worth it.

9. Hector the Well Endowed showing his…endowment?.

10. Count Frogula and Clyde Frog went to acting school together.

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