Watch Conan And Andy Goof Their Way Through A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Sketch That Never Made It To Air

10.19.16 1 year ago

It’s easy to see why this Game of Thrones sketch got scrapped — Conan and Andy goofing their way through it was more entertaining than the jokes themselves. That’s okay, though. After twenty years on the air, not everything can be a winner. This is why we like Conan (and Andy). They can take a mediocre sketch and make it a somewhat memorable affair by just being themselves. Andy scratches his belly and makes quips, Conan waggles his jowls and strums his guitar, all while we head to a penis pill punchline. It’s seemingly always a winner, that penis pill punchline, until today.

So while the sketch itself is kinda fun, it’s more interesting to see the work that goes into making these sketches happen rather than the sketch itself (that I’m pretty sure didn’t make it to air). Everyone’s just having a good time, and no one is thinking about nonsensical Game of Thrones theories, or why Andy is drinking arguably the worst diet soda in the history of mankind: Diet A&W Root Beer.

Let’s get this straight — A&W is a fine root beer. It’s far superior to Dad’s but will never be Barq’s. Still, the diet version is like drinking a strange potpourri of bubbles and sadness.

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