Conan Creates Some Late Night Comedy Gold By Kidnapping Tom Cruise In London

While Conan has done a few remote segments in the past, with two memorable trips with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart to help promote Ride Along and its sequel. But they were still natural Conan remote segments, they weren’t trying to jump on the train along with Carpool Karaoke or Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. Interviewing on the road with a gimmick, having a fun time and revealing the deepest secrets of the world’s most famous.

Luckily Conan wanted to kill two birds with one stone, calling up Tom Cruise to get together for their first segment together and sitting behind the wheel of a car to take a ride around London. Cruise is expecting to sing some songs or answer a few questions about his movie, American Made, but Conan has something different in mind. He turns on the child locks, gets comfortable, and takes the Top Gun star on a ride around the city.

It’s a quasi-parody of the other shows, Conan delivers what might be the most “high comedy” thing his show has done in a long time. He spends 11 minutes just riding around with one of the biggest movie stars in the world, talking about roundabouts, offering to let him urinate in a water bottle, and confusing him with Richard Gere. If it was just a typical Conan segment, it might not be as special. It’d still be a joy and entertaining, but this takes the London setting, delivers a different type of comedy for Conan, and even makes Tom Cruise seem vulnerable. Not too much, but the guy isn’t pretending to be in his classic movie roles or throwing footballs at a carnival game in this segment. He’s also not jumping on a couch.

It’s also likely this is all Cruise could do thanks to his injury from the Mission: Impossible set. So thanks to that, we got a weird, memorable sketch from Conan that you’re definitely not going to see on any of the other late night shows. Now Tom Cruise has to go on The Eric Andre Show and really let things cut loose.

(Via Conan)