Conan’s Spirited Trip To Mexico Uses Comedy To Highlight The Trouble With Building Walls

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Conan’s latest trip outside of the United States owes a little inspiration to Donald Trump’s great wall across the southern border. Using a crew made up entirely of Mexicans, Conan went south to film an episode of his show and hit the streets to show off the best the country has to offer. It’s a comedic way to protest the proposed barrier between our countries and a way to highlight what we’d be cutting off if it came to fruition. That’s not to say that there isn’t an issue with illegal immigration, it’s more to say that there are other ways we could handle it.

Of course, Conan handles it all without preaching or hitting viewers with lofty topics. Instead, he does what he does best with his remotes and self-deprecating humor. It’s honestly nothing but from the very start.

One of the special moments was Conan performing his entire monologue in Spanish. He tested some of the jokes out on folks he met on the street, but the whole thing was just a nice highlight for the episode. And it was made better by Andy Richter being there to make fun of it.

From there, Conan exits the studio a bit for a few fun segments. This includes a starring role in the telenovela Mi Adorable Maldición, a show that isn’t lacking in drama but is sorely lacking in grown men wearing clown makeup. This does continue Conan’s streak of playing skeevy, wannabe sexpots on foreign soap operas, so it’s not a complete loss.

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