Conan O’Brien Continues His Torment Of Jordan Schlansky In Couples Counseling

One of the greatest relationships on television, and this includes both fictional and reality series, features Conan O’Brien and his associate producer Jordan Schlansky. In the past, Schlansky has appeared on Conan as the target of the late night host’s animosity, and we have loved absolutely every second of it. Even when Schlansky hosted his own Ask Me Anything on Reddit last year and sort of pulled the curtain back on this tumultuous-yet-hilarious relationship, he couldn’t ruin the joy that we get from his dead pan indifference to O’Brien’s antics and how that affects the 6-foot-4 redhead.

In their latest adventure, O’Brien revealed that Schlansky is getting married soon, so the former decided to do his AP a little favor and prepare him for matrimonial bliss by taking him to couples counseling. If anything, this video is a great endorsement for Norelco’s male body grooming tools.