‘The Walking Dead’ Has A New Fan Favorite Character


Part of what has propelled The Walking Dead from week to week for the past nine seasons is the fans love and hate relationship with the show’s characters. The show seems to operate best when it has someone viewers can hate — whether it be a villain or an insufferable character — and someone with whom viewers can adore. With the exception of Cooper Andrews’ Jerry, however, the show hasn’t really elevated a strong fan favorite in a few seasons.

That changed in last night’s phenomenal episode, “Chokepoint,” as fans of The Walking Dead found a new character for whom we can all fall in love. Her name is Connie, the deaf character from Magna’s group played by Tony Nominee Lauren Ridloff (who is also deaf herself). She’s probably the most high-profile deaf character on television since Linda on Sesame Street.

She’s also a bad-ass The Walking Dead superhero, and her weapons are a slingshot and compassion. Fans on Twitter fell completely in love with her.

Fans aren’t the only ones who have fallen in love with Connie. Dog, Daryl’s loyal mutt, now also seems to prefer her to Daryl.

Then again, some are hoping that dog is leading Daryl to Connie so that the two will become an item. She may be Daryl’s first real love interest in nine seasons.

On the other hand, something really must be done about Henry, because his stupidity is endangering Connie’s well-being, and if Connie dies, well, we riot.

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights on AMC.