Courteney Cox Put An Actual Turkey On Her Head To Recreate A Classic Scene From ‘Friends’

What started out as a warm Thanksgiving message quickly turned into a bizarre reenactment of a classic Friends scene thanks to Courteney Cox having it up to here with seeing herself as a GIF. In the expletive-laden Instagram video, Cox switches gears from her holiday message to shoving the camera in her face and growling, “If I get one more goddamn GIF with that turkey on my head, dancing like a f*cking fool, I’m gonna snap.”

Cox is referring to the scene from Friends where Monica dances for Chandler while wearing a Thanksgiving turkey over her head, which shows up in GIF form every Thanksgiving. You can see the GIF below as long as you promise not to send it to Cox. She’s clearly not a fan.

Warner Bros.

However, despite her irritation with being the “face of Thanksgiving,” Cox slapped a turkey over her head and recreated the classic dance to the theme song of Friends, essentially creating a brand new GIF for future generations.

You can see Cox’s full video below:

As for the rest of the cast of Friends, they’ll all be reuniting soon. The gang was all set to get together for a reunion special on HBO Max, which unfortunately was delayed just as soon as it was announced thanks to the pandemic. While there hasn’t been any concrete info on when the reunion special will eventually happen, Matthew Perry offered an optimistic update in November.

With any luck, HBO Max will take a page from it’s Fresh Prince reunion, and drop that puppy early.

(Via Courteney Cox on Instagram)