Craig Ferguson Marked His Joint Birthday With The Late Bob Saget By Tweeting A Bittersweet Message

If you aren’t following former The Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson on Twitter, you’re truly missing out on various and random pleasantries. He’s as delightful on social media as one would expect, and although he uses the platform to address professional matters (like how he won’t replace his replacement, James Corden), he also shares some periodic sunshine. That would include photos of his pets, Pippin and Seamus, in between other sharp-witted observations on life.

That’s led to a bittersweet place on Tuesday, May 17, which happens to be Craig Ferguson’s 60th birthday. It’s a day that he shared with Bob Saget (who recently passed away at age 65), but each year, Craig sent his friend a birthday roasting on Twitter.

This year, it’s obviously a very different mood. “Bob Saget and I would always text each other on our shared birthday,” Ferguson tweeted. “No text this year. Happy Birthday Bob wherever you are.”

Saget is missed by his fans and friends following his untimely death as the result of a head injury. Very soon, though, Netflix will stream a tribute special that will include many of Saget’s former co-stars. The premiere date is June 10, when one can watch and witness the impact that Saget had (and will continue to have) as his legacy lives on.