Craig Ferguson Blew Right Past Calls For Him To Return To ‘The Late Late Show’ While Sending A Message To James Corden

Ex-The Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson is beloved for damn good reason. In addition to being deeply, inherently funny, he’s an all-around classy bloke and so likable. After his decade long late-night stint ended in late 2014, Craig’s been doing his thing, which includes stand-up comedy touring and living to tell that tale. His particular brand of acerbic wit has been sorely missed since his departure, so naturally, when James Corden revealed that his own tenure on The Late Late Show would end in 2023, Twitter was awash with suggestions that Ferguson come back.

In other words, people do enjoy Corden’s Carpool Karaoke segment, but damn, they loved watching Craigy Ferg and listening to his thick Scottish brogue while he bantered with Geoff the Robot. Could Ferguson possibly have anything to say in response to his successor also walking toward the sunset? More importantly, would he address calls for him to suddenly materialize in his old gig? He did both of these things, one more subtle than the other.

First, let’s revisit what Ferguson said (in 2021) to the idea of CBS reviving the show with him in it. He was very blunt at the time: “Ok. As long as I’m not in it.”

And upon news of Corden leaving as well, he offered his congrats (and praise) with this pointed addition: “Retirement is awesome. See you at the bingo.” In other words, Ferguson’s “retired,” and he intends to stay that way.

Still, that will not detour the legion of devoted Craigy Ferg fans:

Perhaps, at least, we can dream about a compromise.

It’s great to be adored! And even better to be adored and keep one’s distance. Good on ya, Craig Ferguson.