Craig Ferguson Has No Idea Who His ‘Late Late Show’ Replacement James Corden Is

Though we’ve basically treated it like a done deal, and though CBS sources have confirmed that James Corden is in negotiations to take over The Late Late Show, it’s actually not official yet. It’s still possible that the backlash and the general lack of enthusiasm for Corden might derail negotiations. I mean, it’s been a week. What are they haggling over, anyway?

We can tell you this much, however. The current occupier of The Late Late Show seat, Craig Ferguson, has no earthly idea who James Corden is, as he tells a reporter for Entertainment Tonight when asked about rumors that Corden would replace him.

“I don’t know anything about it. It’s CBS’s show, so they haven’t included me in what happens next, nor should they. So I don’t really know who that is, or what’s going on.”

Of course, Ferguson is not alone in his ignorance of James Corden, and I think maybe CBS thought they could slip this one by us and present Corden is a unique, obscure pick (like Conan O’Brien was) and we’d leave the network alone because they were taking a “risk” on an unknown. Given the current climate, it’s true that Corden is actually a bigger risk than choosing a woman, which would’ve been a sure thing (which is why “Seth Meyers” is so happy about Corden’s selection). But we’re not giving the network a pass based on the relative obscurity of its choice.

But also, while it is CBS’s show, and they don’t have to consult Ferguson on who will be his successor, shouldn’t they do so, anyway? It’s just the polite thing to do, you know? Run it by the guy who currently holds the job, see what he thinks? Let him kick the tires. His opinion is not binding, but I think you gain a lot of goodwill by keeping the current host in the loop.

But what do I know? Why would a network want to have a current host on its side as it seeks to build upon his audience with another male, white guy from the UK? I’m sure there’s no overlap in their audiences.

Common sense is so overrated. Watch ET’s full (autoplay) interview here.

Source: ET