Cristin Milioti’s New HBO Max Show Somehow Sounds Even Weirder Than ‘Palm Springs’

Cristin Milioti’s next project doesn’t take her back to Palm Springs, exactly, but there is some equally weird stuff happening in the desert on HBO Max. Milioti is set to star in Made for Love, a series that looks just as dark and weirdly funny as the Hulu darling in which she shined in 2020.

Entertainment Weekly has some exclusive photos of the show, one of which features an extremely alarmed Milioti crawling out of what appears to be a spider hole of some sort. According to EW, Milioti described the series as a “sci-fi, dark comedy, family, emotional survivor story” where she plays Hazel Green, a woman who was controlled for a decade by a “sociopathic tech billionaire husband.”

That husband is Billy Magnussen, who apparently loses grasp on control of Milioti… and chaos ensues. There’s microchipping and a whole lot of weirdness, as described to EW by the showrunner.

“The story is about a woman who has left her tech mogul husband only to discover that he has put a surveillance chip in her brain,” explains showrunner Christina Lee of her adaptation of Alissa Nutting’s best-selling novel. “That, in and of itself, was a fantastic premise for a show. But what really drew me in was Alissa’s voice. Her writing has a way of making you feel queasy and delighted at the same time, making you burst into laughter. She set up such a fun and unique world to adapt and expand from. Plus, what other show can boast that they have a sex doll and a dolphin as main characters?”

That’s a question I quite literally cannot answer, but if you’re a fan of Miloti’s past work it’s likely to bring you a bit more joy. And since Milioti spends some time talking about the similarities between the show and Palm Springs, there’s a good chance an epic dance number that involves flipping the bird is involved somehow, too.