‘The Daily Show’ Made A Strong ‘Best Karen’ Pick While Announcing The Pandemmy Award Winners

Last week, The Daily Show opened up voting for its first, and hopefully last, The Pandemmy Awards. With categories like “Best Karen” and “Best Bulls**t,” the awards show hoped to recognize the very best of the worst coronavirus responses by mankind and even nature. The entrees included a grab bag of viral moments from anti-mask supermarket freakouts to Donald Trump’s infamous attempt to walk down a ramp. (Thanks to his questionable handling of the pandemic, you’re going to see the president pop up a lot in the results. Just FYI.)

After over one million votes, here are the big winners for The 2020 Pandemmy Awards, and God help us if we’re doing this again next year:

Best Bullshit: Kayleigh McEnany – “I Will Never Lie to You”
Best Costume Design: Matt Gaetz – “Mocking Gas Mask”
Best Cure: Disinfectant
Best Foreign Film: Italians Singing on Balconies
Best Karen: “I Am Legend”
Best Kevin: Man Dragged Out By Son
Best Picture: Gov. Cuomo: SLUT
Best Supporting Disaster: Gender Reveal Wildfire
Best Supporting Supporter: Dr. Robert Redfield – “Your Decisive Leadership”
Most Optimistic Performance: Donald Trump – “Like a Miracle It’ll Disappear”
Outstanding Achievement in Wishful Thinking: Dana Bash – “From a Human Standpoint”
Outstanding Stunt Coordination: Donald Trump

While all of the categories had some stiff competition, particularly the numerous COVID “cures” floated by the president since the start of the pandemic (remember when he said sunlight would kill it?), there were some strong entries in the Best Karen and Best Kevin categories — since certain Americans did not respond well to being told to wear a mask in public spaces. You can check out the other entries who didn’t make the cut below:

Best Karen:

Best Kevin: