Daniel Day-Lewis Is A Huge Fan Of Discovery’s ‘Naked And Afraid,’ According To Paul Thomas Anderson

According to Paul Thomas Anderson, Daniel Day-Lewis is the world’s greatest actor with the worst taste in television. The Phantom Thread director was on Jimmy Kimmel Live this past Thursday and he discussed a bit about his relationship with Day-Lewis and how it differs from working with the actor. According to Anderson, the method is real and it can be a little odd if you’re not used to it. But for a director, having someone who is in character from start to finish is a blessing:

“I know it sounds bizarre, but it actually, from a director’s point of view, it’s incredibly helpful. You have your own sort of three-dimensional character sort of living there for you, so you just kinda follow him and film him.”

This is nice, but it is the odd tidbits that stand out from the interview. Things like Day-Lewis joking around in character, his impression of Project Runway‘s Tim Gunn, and his apparent love of Discovery’s Naked And Afraid:

“He was particularly obsessed a few years ago with Naked and Afraid. Do you remember that show? He would always be like, ‘You’ve got to see Naked and Afraid.’ Each week he’d tune in.”

Would you watch a feed of Daniel Day-Lewis enjoying terrible reality shows on Discovery? Just nothing but Gold Rush and Alaskan Bush People on repeat.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live / Vulture)