Bobby Moynihan Once Got ‘Attacked’ By Danny DeVito For Impersonating Him On ‘Saturday Night Live’

Bobby Moynihan has only impersonated Danny DeVito twice on Saturday Night Live, but that was apparently enough for the SNL star to be “attacked” by the prolific actor outside of a party. Moynihan shared the story on Monday’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, and don’t worry, nobody got “blasted” Frank Reynolds-style.

According to Moynihan, the whole thing went down shortly after he did a sketch where DeVito auditions to play BB-8 in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Two of his buddies were in town, and they got quite the New York experience as Moynihan found himself being pulled behind a car by the iconic actor. Via Entertainment Weekly:

“Right after I played him on the show — that night, directly after the show, I had two of my buddies Mike and Rob, from high school with me. And I get them to the party and we pull up to the party and it’s the coolest,” Moynihan explains. “And I walk past a car and get, like, yanked.”

Moynihan said his first thought was that he was being assaulted. Nope — it was DeVito, who yelled “You think it’s funny playing me?!” The Always Sunny in Philadelphia star was only kidding about his anger though, adding “I love ya, kid.”

Naturally, Moynihan loved every minute of the encounter and called it the best moment of his career as any sane person would. “I just got attacked by Danny DeVito in front of my high school buddies!” he told Meyers. “I made it!”

(Via Entertainment Weekly)