Dave Chappelle Will Release Not One, But Two New Netflix Specials On New Year’s Eve

It turns out Dave Chappelle and Netflix weren’t being entirely truthful when they revealed the stand-up comedian’s third special, Equanimity, would begin streaming on New Year’s Eve. That’s because the Chappelle’s Show star also filmed a fourth concert film titled The Bird Revelation. According to the new trailer Netflix released today, it will drop alongside Equanimity on Sunday, December 31st — just in time for everyone to ring in the new year. In other words, the comic and the streaming giant are about to give viewers another chance to experience a comedy double feature. Or not.

Netflix recently teased Equanimity with a short clip of Chappelle discussing President Trump, the poor white voters he appealed to during the election, and the immediate results of that short relationship. This and similar material was teased during the comedian’s Radio City Music Hall residency in August, but The Bird Revelation? Aside from a brief snippet from the intimate special, which was filmed at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles last November, we have little to go on. “Wow,” he tells the audience in the new trailer. “I mean, it is really bad out here isn’t it?”

Dave Chappelle’s third and fourth Netflix specials, Equanimity and The Bird Revelation, both stream on New Year’s Eve.