Fans Are Emotional After David Bowie’s ‘Fire Walk With Me’ Character Returned To ‘Twin Peaks’

With only four episodes to go until Twin Peaks season three is wrapped up, David Lynch is revisiting old characters that were supposed to have expanded roles in the latest chapter of his bizarre mystery. Before David Bowie’s death, the legendary musician/actor/human was set to reprise his role as FBI agent Phillip Jeffries, who was on the brink of madness in Fire Walk with Me.

Bowie’s untimely death threw a wrench in Lynch’s plans to have his teleporting FBI agent come back into Dale Cooper’s life, but Lynch, as the hard of hearing Gordon Cole, recounted a dream sequence he had with Monica Belluci to the severe Special Agent Albert Rosenfield (who is also sadly no longer with us), which in turn, inspires him to remember the Jeffries incident. Then we got a look back at Bowie’s scene in Fire Walk with Me.

Episode 14 was dedicated to Bowie, and fans took to social media in a heartfelt response to seeing Bowie on screen again, over a year and a half since losing him.

Even in death, Bowie has been consistently in the thoughts of his fans and contemporaries. Arcade Fire has been telling stories of his support while on tour for Everything Now, and his estate has been releasing reissues on vinyl for fans to collect.

(Via Pitchfork)