DC Comics Officially Jumps Into The Streaming Wars With DC Universe

Warner Bros.

DC Comics has a long, long history at the movies, starting with Superman serials and the Max Fleischer cartoons, and ranging all the way to even Aquaman getting his own movie. And DC is now using that huge library of movies and TV shows to jump into the streaming wars with the service DC Universe.

Unlike most of the armies in the streaming wars, which are aiming at the broadest possible audience, DC seems to be aiming this squarely at their fans. It’s got five original series in the pipe, including the return of Swamp Thing to live-action after his movie debut courtesy of Wes Craven in 1982, and an animated Harley Quinn show where Harley tries to ditch her jerk-ass boyfriend and take his slot on the Legion of Doom. It’s also got a fairly deep library of DC content, ranging from the original Superman movies to the ’70s Wonder Woman TV show to a remaster of Batman: The Animated Series. It’ll also have fan content, like cosplay videos, and you can read comics and buy merch through the app.

It also seems to want to coexist alongside other services instead of fight them, like Disney is doing with Netflix. Tthe CW’s DC heroes won’t be on the service, for example, although we will see older shows like Lois & Clark and Superboy. And there are still a few open questions, like what it’ll cost, what platforms it’ll be on, and what plans for new series and new content will be as the service moves along. But if DC can get the price point low enough, it may possibly be able to weather the streaming wars.

(via Deadline)