The ‘Stranger Things’ Theme Just Got An EDM Upgrade From Deadmau5

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Canadian EDM superstar Deadmau5 is famous for noodling about in his studio and livecasting the results to his fans. He’s also got a great love for synthesizers and all the sounds that come out of them. So it should be no surprise that he loved the vintage ’80s sound of the Stranger Things theme. In fact, he liked it so much he decided to remix it online a few days ago.

And so the Mau5 spent two and a half hours on Twitch messing with arrangements on his computer and patching cables through on the many synths in his studios, trying to create his own version of the song originally composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. Through the session, he creates a variety of different takes on the distinct opening melody, with our favorite adding some foreboding female vocals and a dark drumloop into the mix:

Many of the songs from Deadmau5’s latest album while(1<2) came from similar past livestream sessions, so we fully expect a polished remix of the Stranger Things theme from him to appear online, hopefully in the near future. This is just more evidence that Stranger Things has become another massive hit for Netflix, one that has captured ’80s pop culture nostalgia perfectly to the point where it’s already influencing our own pop culture today.

(via Felix_Toons)