The Long-Awaited ‘Deadwood’ Movie Is Reportedly Looking At A Production Start Date

The hypothetical Deadwood movie has almost become as legendary as the show it’s based on. Since Deadwood‘s cancellation in 2006, rumors have swirled that series creator David Milch and HBO would be keen on making a follow-up to the woefully short-lived and incredibly violent western, and now, finally, it might actually happen. TV Line is reporting that sources have confirmed to them that HBO is eyeing a fall 2018 start date for production. It’s time to start spitting indoors and cursing out our friends in sheer euphoria.

This makes sense, too. TVLine pointed out a comment Casey Bloys, HBO’s top programming executive, made last summer at the Television Critics Association press tour that lends credence to the report: “The one thing that I was concerned about was I wanted a script that would stand on its own. David [Milch] totally delivered on that. I think it’s a terrific script. If we can do it on a budget that makes sense for us, and if we can get the cast together, we’re inclined to do it.”

If Bloys is pleased that series creator David Milch’s script for the Deadwood movie will deliver for both fans and newcomers to the series, now the only big hurdles left, as he said, are establishing a decent budget for the movie, and most importantly, getting everyone back together under the same saloon. But, it seems like W. Earl Brown, who plays Dan Dority, the sketchy Gem Saloon worker with a (kinda sorta) heart of gold, believes it’s happening. In true Deadwood fashion, he reinforced the report with a lot of cussing.

Now, where’s the whiskey? It’s time to celebrate.

(Via TVLine)