The ‘Defenders’ Teaser Had A Huge Easter Egg Hidden In Plain Sight

Netflix may have posted (and then quickly pulled) the first teaser for The Defenders, but this is the internet. It collects, dissects, and catalogs at shocking speed. And before the teaser was pulled, somebody had already noted down the IP address in the upper left-hand corner. Turns out, it leads to the under-construction website of the New York Bulletin, Karen Page’s current employer, and a site packed full of Easter eggs and intriguing questions. Spoilers for the previous Netflix series are below, fair warning.

What’s The Deal With Midland Circle?

The Midland Circle building, as we’ve noted, has been an ongoing reference in the Marvel Netflix series, especially Daredevil. The Hand, for some reason, has been buying up expensive New York real estate and digging deep, deep holes into the ground. This page hints that it may be tied, somehow, to K’un L’un, which you might remember we saw at the end of Iron Fist locked closed, with the gates surrounded by dead Hand assassins. Curiously, if you click on the banner ad on the site, it takes you to Collen Wing’s page, where an ad at the bottom leads to Ward Meacham’s LinkedIn, revealing before he took over Rand he worked in advanced construction materials.

Of interest, another page on the Bulletin site seems to imply Danny has come back to New York and become a corporate executive. As for the “crackpot” looking for a lost city, might he be Peter Alraune, best known for his connection to Moon Knight?

How Does Luke Get Out Of Jail?

In what might be the first image from The Defenders, it looks like Luke, picked up by the police at the end of the first season of his show, is still in prison at the time The Defenders opens. Granted, he has Jeryn Hogarth in his corner, so it might simply be she’s been busy cleaning up everybody’s mess. But clearly he also gets out of jail, so does he escape? Is he let off the hook?

Has Matt Murdock Stopped Being Daredevil?

Iron Fist contains a few hints about what’s been going on with Daredevil since the end of the second season: We learn Karen Page’s journalism career has taken off, and there’s the occasional reference to “The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen.” But, in the teaser, we see Matt in street clothes with a scarf over his face, Claire Temple seems not to know where he is, and, as you can see above, Matt’s been AWOL. Also of interest, if you look below, is a hint that the Punisher has been lying low as well, especially as it appears the authorities have figured out he was behind that house fire at the end of season two.

So What’s The Deal With Jessica Jones?

Finally, we’ve got the big question: What’s Jessica been up to? Of all the heroes, she’s been the one we’ve heard least about, aside from Iron Fist hinting she’s still helping and annoying Jeryn in equal measure. But, apparently, Patsy has a new houseguest, and Jessica is somehow involved. How this might tie to the plot, potentially via Sigourney Weaver’s villain, we’ll just have to see.