Sam Richardson Would Absolutely Do Another Delightfully Silly Season Of ‘Detroiters’ With Tim Robinson

Do you like any of the following TV programs: I Think You Should Leave, Veep, SNL, Documentary Now, M.O.D.O.K., and BoJack Horseman? If so, you should absolutely watch Detroiters, a short-lived Comedy Central series starring Tim Robinson and Sam Richardson as inseparable best friends who work together at an ad agency.

It’s fun. It’s silly. It’s only 20 episodes long, which is both good and bad. Good, because you can binge the entire series in a weekend. Bad, because there are only 20 episodes. Robinson is busy with I Think You Should Leave and Richardson has a burgeoning movie career, including the lead role in Werewolves Within, but The Tomorrow War star would absolutely do another season with his real-life buddy.

“A hundred percent we’d want to go back. I love Detroiters so much, and there was so much more that we want to do with it,” Richardson told Comic Book. He thinks the show got “clipped off the tree before it was fully, fully bare,” and while he’s “very proud” of the two seasons they did make, “I’m also curious to what we would have done had we done more, and we still want to do more.”

Richardson and Robinson still text about episode ideas, but he doesn’t want to say what they are, “because who knows if we do come back, I don’t want to burn a hilarious thing. We’ll send it back and then we’ll just start to stockpile and it kind of just snowballs and we come up with these episodes. So if we got the chance to do it again, we a hundred percent would love it.” The world hasn’t been the same without Mr. Groove in it.

At least we’ll get to see Richardson and Robinson in the new season of I Think You Should Leave, which returns to Netflix on July 6.

(Via Comic Book)