Dewey Crowe From ‘Justified’ Is Australian And His Accent Will Freak You Out

Dewey Crowe on Justified is played by a guy named Damon Herriman. He’s getting a lot of screentime this season because Dewey Crowe is not just a popular character with viewers, the writers love writing for him. In the above interview, which is a couple of years old, he speaks for about three minutes, but I’ll be honest: I have no idea what he’s saying. I couldn’t get over the fact that an Australian accent was coming out of his mouth to focus on his actual words. What? Dewey is Australian? How is that possible? HE’S FROM KENTUCKY.

Also, does anyone else remember Dewey Crowe from Breaking Bad?

His breakout role was in House of Wax, which was actually film in Australia.

That’s guy is a crazy chameleon, and I don’t know if his accent is weirder, or his insane ability to inhabit a role, or if the fact that he looks like Rachel Maddow’s long-lost brother in real life freaks me out the most.


Image: Adelaid Now