You’re Running Out Of Time To Catch Up On ‘Dexter’ Before It Disappears From Netflix

Dexter is coming back next year as a limited series. As our own Dustin Rowles pointed out, this news is not so much a surprise as an inspiration for questioning why it took so long. Original showrunner Clyde Phillips plans to make good on remedying the maligned (and rather silly) “lumberjack” ending to the series, and the show is primed to attract an even bigger audience for Showtime. Come to think of it, this might be the best time for it to happen since almost all release dates are shuffling back, so why not add some return-serial killer mayhem to the mix?

What is very clear, however, is that anyone who wishes to catch up with Dexter on Netflix will need to get on it, and fast. All eight seasons are currently available for streaming, but that won’t last long. On December 30, the Michael C. Hall-starring series will evaporate from the streaming giant, which will leave people with the option of paid streaming (either through a Showtime subscription or Amazon Prime, etc.). Of course, anyone who wants to watch the upcoming limited-series followup will likely end up watching it on Showtime anyway. Yet if you’re looking to get ahead (even though it feels weird to say that about a show that ended in 2013), Netflix can help you do the deed, but only for three more weeks.

Incidentally, December 30 is the day that AMC’s Hell on Wheels and Showtime’s Nurse Jackie leave Netflix, too. In other words, you’ve got a lot to do, in addition to watching 96 episodes of Dexter. I have faith in you.