‘Dexter’ Has A New Name (And His New Job Has Been Confirmed) For Showtime’s Revival Series

More details on Showtime’s Dexter revival are coming your way, non-lumberjack fans. And from the way that these tidbits are being received by fans, it’s pretty damn clear that this series is the most anticipated revival/reboot of recent times. No one’s saying, “Who wanted this?” That’s because every Dexter fan wants to see this show redeemed from that anticlimactic ending, and Dexter Morgan must get what he so deliciously deserves. The first chunk of fresh news here is actually a confirmation of what’s been reported already: Dexter’s got a new job at an establishment called Fred’s Fish & Game, which is situated near a gun shop, just to push the murderous theme home. The casting of Michael Cyril Creighton as “Fred Jr.,” the store owner’s son, solidified that report, and Showtime has now revealed Dexter’s new on-the-job name tag on Twitter.

Also, he’s got a homicide-hiding alias now: Jim Lindsay. Could this be a reference to Jeff Lindsay, the author of the Dexter novels? Seems feasible.

So, things are really coming together. Dexter’s got a new life, although he’ll never be able to suppress that urge to kill, as a teaser already revealed. From here, we can all keep running in speculative circles over what original characters might return. There’s been additional back and forth on that issue, although a fresh start indicates that it’s the right call to not start dragging Miami characters in the direction of upstate New York. Fingers are still crossed all over the place for Jennifer Carpenter’s Debra to live rent free in Dexter’s head, though, despite James Remar (who played Dexter’s dad in the O.G. cast) shutting that possibility down, at least outwardly. I’m not really buying that shut down when it comes to Debra, since Dexter could really use her presence in a Dark Passenger sort of way.

The Dexter revival will likely arrive in late 2021.