‘Nature Is Calling’ In The First Teaser For The ‘Dexter’ Revival

In a sign that the surprise Dexter revival is still on track for a Fall 2021 release, Showtime has dropped the first teaser for the series return. Granted, it’s not much, but it does deliver on the promise that the show will pick up on what Dexter has been up to after the divisive series finale that had the serial killer protagonist escape to Oregon to become a lumberjack. (Dexter actor Michael C. Hall has openly called that creative decision “unsatisfying.”) In the new teaser, the camera slowly zooms in on an ax at a snowy campsite as Dexter ominously says, “There really is nothing like getting back to nature. My nature…”

In a bit of cheerier news besides a serial killer getting back to serial killing, production on the Dexter revival recently wrapped and the town of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts couldn’t be more thankful for the show giving the local economy a shot in the arm while recovering from the pandemic. Via The Greenfield Recorder:

“We had a really great experience with the cast and crew, at least from my perspective,” commented Melissa Stevens, general manager at Hearty Eats on Bridge Street. “They brought a little bit of action to our otherwise sleepy town this time of year. It was really fun to watch their operation.” Stevens said it was an experience she found fun to “observe and be part of.”

“They were very supportive of us,” she said. “We got a fair amount of business from them while they were here. Everyone was really kind and courteous and respectful.”

Some local residents had never even heard of Dexter before, but thanks to the production, they’ve reportedly been binge-watching the series and are looking forward to see how much of Shelburne Falls is featured in the 10-episode revival season.

(Via Dexter on Showtime on Twitter)