‘Dexter’ Newcomer Jamie Chung Says The Revival Series Will Have ‘A Different Vibe’ From The Original

As the Dexter revival prepares for its fall premiere, more and more details are bleeding out about the highly anticipated return of Michael C. Hall as the serial killer with a moral code. When the limited series finally hits Showtime, it will feature an all-new cast as most of (if not all of) the characters from Dexter’s time in Miami have either been killed or think he’s dead. In fact, James Remar, who played Dexter’s father, went so far as to say that absolutely none of the original cast will return, apparently including Jennifer Carpenter, who fans believe will be back in the revival.

One of the new additions to cast is Jamie Chung, who will play Molly, a true crime podcaster from L.A. During a recent interview, she dropped a few hints about the feel of Dexter revival and how it will vary from the first series. Via PEOPLE:

“The original series happened over 10 years ago. So there’s certainly a different vibe of the way the actual show is shot in terms of the aesthetic,” Chung tells PEOPLE. “I do think it’s a little darker.”

Despite offering a few tidbits about the Dexter revival’s new look, Chung said that secrecy has been a huge issue even while filming in the tucked away town of Shelburne Falls, Massachussets.

“It’s crazy because you have all the people who are stalking the sets and whatnot,” Chung told PEOPLE. “But yeah, the production is being very diligent about hiding and whatnot.”