‘Dexter’ Reflects On His Serial-Killing Urges In A Snappy New Showtime Teaser

Everyone’s favorite serial killer is getting along quite well in his new environment, if Showtime’s new Dexter revival teaser is any indication. Bye bye, lumberjack vibes, and hello, man about town. Dexter’s hopefully going to eventually get the ending that he ​so richly deserves, but before that happens, he’s entirely given up Miami vibes for upstate New York. Presumably, no one in his new town knows that he used to collect blood slides like comic book issues, and in this teaser, he’s enjoying himself, greeting fellow residents on the street, possibly en route to his new job (Fred’s Fish & Game) with a new name (Jim Lindsay) that might be a nod to Jeff Lindsay, the author of the Dexter novels.

As this teaser shows, though, Dexter can’t run away from his past forever. He pauses to look into a store window while gazing at a pair of knives with a sharp intake of breath. Obviously, he’s reflecting upon his true nature, and possibly thinking about the good times or missing Hannah, and maybe — just maybe — he’s mulling over how he could get away with discreet murder. As a previous teaser indicated, Dexter hasn’t given up the life, and I suppose the juiciest question about the revival is exactly how long it will take him to give into his Dark Passenger.

Beyond that pressing issue, we can continue to speculate whether any O.G. characters might return at all. There’s been contradictions aplenty on that issue, although it would be the right call to not transplant Miami residents to New York. Debra doesn’t count, though, right? She’d be perfectly welcome as a ghostly presence or a flashback companion or any incarnation in which she can live rent free in Dexter’s head, despite what James Remar is telling everyone. Respect the code, Dad.

The Dexter revival will likely arrive in late 2021.