Kevin Hart Vows To Shine As An Action Star In Quibi’s Red-Band ‘Die Hart’ Trailer

Kevin Hart has made a name for himself starring in comedy movies and playing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s tiny sidekick, but what would happen if the comedian tried to branch out and become the action hero? The answer is Die Hart.

Coming to Quibi in July, Die Hart is a comedy series that features a fictionalized version of Hart as he grows tired of being comedy relief and gets serious about transforming himself into a badass action star. Or he at least tries to do so. From the looks of the first trailer, Hart will spend most of his time being relentlessly brutalized by John Travolta, who plays a washed up, and possibly crazy, action coach. Along for the ride is Game of Thrones‘ Nathalie Emmanuel, who does her best to help Hart survive his training.

Die Hart appears to be a passion project for Hart. He was particularly jazzed when he unveiled a new poster for the series and pumped up his new pivot into action stardom on Instagram:

Brace yourselves people…..Major heat will be coming your way soon….F**k….I’m so proud of my teams right now. I have been trying to create a genre of movie for myself for a while now….I wanted to create something along the lines of Austin Powers but with real action and more of a grounded reality. I am proud to say that we f**king did it….. “Die Hart” which is produced by LOL Studios & HartBeat Productions with be coming your way soon damn it!!!!! I’m about to drop a teaser on y’all assess in a couple of days!!!!! I’m cursing because I’m f**king hype & because I think I’m a ACTION STAR now….stop judging me….Just roll with it!!!!! I’m about to F**K SHIT UP

You can see the official poster below along with Hart’s full message to fans below:

Die Hart hits Quibi on July 20.