Marvel Fans Are Echoing The Same Quibble About The ‘Hawkeye’ Trailer From Disney+

Disney+ is currently filling the post-Loki gap between Marvel Cinematic Universe series with What If…?, which presents alternate realities in animated form, but a semi-realistic passing of the torch might be going down in the trailer for Hawkeye, which will premiere on November 24. In the few-minute trailer previewed so far, we see Hailee Steinfeld making her MCU debut as Kate Bishop, who’s learning the ropes as the two battle through some sort of Christmas hellscape that feels awfully surreal, including a Captain America-themed musical and the entry of Vera Farmiga into the MCU.

Kate (who will presumably help lead the Young Avengers) apparently gets sucked into this show because of a mixup that’s related to Clint’s snap incarnation, Ronin, so there’s a whole lot of backstory-related fallout at work. Well, the trailer generated plenty of interest on Twitter, but more than that, there’s one major complaint that people have about this trailer. That would be the absence of Florence Pugh’s Black Widow character, Yelena Belova. As revealed earlier this year in that movie’s post-credits scene, Countess Valentina Allegra De Fontaine (Julia Louis Dreyfus) planted a hit on Hawkeye by telling Yelena that Hawkeye was “the man responsible for your sister’s death.”

Thus, Hawkeye is Yelena’s “next target,” which not only confirmed how Yelena had joined the squad of new “heroes” that also includes John Walker, but also that Yelena would appear in Hawkeye, and Clint Barton is apparently in some deep sh*t. Regardless of the promise of seeing Yelena in this show, she did not surface in this week’s trailer. People definitely noticed, and they’re airing their disappointment.

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Hawkeye premieres November 24, 2021 on Disney+.