CNN’s Don Lemon Had Two Words For Kayleigh McEnany’s ‘Carnival Of Lies’: ‘Girl, Bye’

During a briefing on Tuesday, her first in nearly two weeks, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany criticized the media for failing to cover the Hunter Biden non-scandal. “Really interesting turn of events, and good for those who covered what was a story all along and not Russian disinformation,” she said before walking away from the podium. With no f*cks to give, CNN’s Jim Acosta asked, “Isn’t it hypocritical of you to accuse others of disinformation when you spread it every day?” The question went unanswered, needless to say. McEnany also refused to acknowledge Joe Biden as the President-elect (the Electorial College made it official on Monday), because as another CNN employee pointed out, the Trump administration is nothing more than a “carnival of lies.”

While speaking on CNN Tonight, host Don Lemon said, “How do I describe this, uh, carnival of lies that is the White House? While the current president is hunkered down behind closed doors, nursing his wounded pride, his press secretary is acting like the election didn’t even happen. Acting like she is not about to be out of a job.” After playing a clip of McEnany deflecting during the briefing, an exasperated Lemon added, “Do you know she also worked for — girl, bye!” The press secretary used to work for CNN, where she accused Donald Trump of making “racist” statements and called him “a Republican in name only.” All these years, she’s getting buh-bye‘d by her former-co-workers:

“So much disinformation coming from the podium. Every day, it’s like, comes out, reads propaganda, talks about what ‘the media‘ is doing, criticizes ‘the media,’ ‘this what you should be covering.’ I think we got this. You used to sit here on the set with us. I think we got it. When you sat here with us, you thought we had it. You were happy to be here. But now we don’t know what we’re doing?”

One more for good measure: “Girl, bye.” Watch the clip below.

(Via Mediaite)